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Updated COVID-19 Plan:  As of Monday, March 23, 2020, I have moved sessions to video.  If you are already scheduled for a session, you will receive a link for a video session from me through my practice portal, Simple Practice, no later than the Friday before the scheduled session.  Thanks for your cooperation.  I look forward to meeting with you.  Take care and be well.

We humans are embodied, social beings, hard-wired to be in relationship. The new brain science tells us that we can change our hard-wired patterns through new experience in relationship. Psychotherapy offers the special kind of relationship that supports and fosters change—one focused on connection, safety, deep listening, and shared exploration of problems and patterns, in order to discover new meanings, new resources, new pathways, new ways of being in relationship.

My desire to be a psychotherapist grew out of my own experiences in therapy; though I was raised to be strong and self-reliant, skills that served me well in my first career as a litigation attorney, I found in therapy a place to explore my vulnerabilities, my doubts, my fears. Over the years and with the help of several different therapists, I found my way to the deeper security of integrity, interdependence and authenticity.

I offer three principal pathways:

  • Depth Psychotherapy —exploring together the deeper roots of current patterns and problems to find meaning and new pathways for growth and transformation
  • Co-Parent Counseling —helping parents navigate pre- and post-divorce in ways that benefit children, including development of agreed co-parenting plans
  • Family Reunification Therapy --helping parents and children reconnect and recover from relationship disruptions due to divorce, parental conflict or other life challenges

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